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By ilpo (registered) - website | Posted February 28, 2011 at 21:34:55

Generally I end up crossing Main once a day - with a hope and a prayer each time - on my way home from the GO stop @ Queen or Pearl. Then I need to cross King and finally York Blvd. Main is the worst, with King close behind, but what would help me is knowing what the signal is for the cars!

Having grown-up on Yonge St and crossing it at least 4X a day to go to school taught me proper techniques. Main is crazy with those green light racers. King is bad as the turning traffic keeps coming with King stopped. York, although I am so disappointed that it was ever razed to be a blvd, does give me the best chances to cross with pedestrian crossings - not signalized in any manner for cars to know. It effectively gives me the same result I had when crossing Yonge - a place in the middle to stop and wait for traffic gaps [Yonge only had the double white lines but it was enough with lower speeds]. The one-ways do not allow for that chance.

Lets get these 2 expressways reconverted back to the 1950's now that the entire [at least enough of it] expressway system has been completed. The city does not need the mid-downtown expressways anymore!

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