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By Markwhittle (registered) - website | Posted March 26, 2007 at 16:24:02

No problem filling you in Adrian, obviously you're not one or you would know that when you gain a client and begin working for them you have to register the company, as Tom Cooper is supposed to do.

The reason I don't have any clients listed is because in order to not have a conflict of Interest in the upcoming Provincial Election I have turned down all long term contracts. I don’t even need to work, I’m already retired at 50, sorry to not tell you my whole life story. Try Google; give you ten or so pages of my life in a New York minute.

In other words at this particular time I have no active clients but that could change at any moment, I'm self employed and own a registered company called Street Advisor Canada, where my clients send corporate cheques to the Royal Bank when they are active and receive an invoice for billable hours.

I gather you found Tom's name missing as well, are all his clients inactive too, including McQueston Legal Services, the corporate entity that pays his salary to lobby Council?

Nice try at diverting the debate away from Tom Cooper and focus it on me, lucky for you I don't have anything to hide, as others seem to do in this regard.

And thanks for at least researching before shooting from the lip.

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