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By graham (registered) | Posted March 01, 2011 at 20:22:07 in reply to Comment 60471

  1. Rue St Catherine has parking on BOTH sides of the street and has only two lanes of travel.

  2. Blvd Rene Levesque is two ways - but ranges from 1 lane of parking and 2 lanes of travel to 1 lane of parking and 3 or 4 lanes of travel. Also, there is a big concrete median down the middle in the downtown stretch.

  3. Wider lanes will not help slow cars or make a street more pedestrian friendly. Ancaster has wide lanes. Not many pedestrians though.

  4. 48 km/h is not slow. Go get a friend to drive by you at 48 and stand 5 ft away. It will feel fast. Now go stand on Ste Catherine - rarely will a car be able to go faster than 30km/h.

  5. One way streets limit navigational options. How you conclude that two way would do so when it effectively doubles the number of roads to travel on is baffling.

  6. Everything is 'artificial' when it comes to road design. I've never seen a 'natural' 40' wide swath of pavement.

I don't think that the goal of two-way conversion is to 'inhibit auto travel'. The goal is to make a street or road where things other than cars can use it. Or even just get across it.

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