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By Tybalt (registered) | Posted March 02, 2011 at 08:05:07

THANK YOU for bringing this up Biljana and friends! I used to live in this neighborhood (Dundurn at Sunset) and even then it was a nightmare getting into the Fortinos plaza; now I am frequently in the area especially to catch GO Transit when visiting clients in Toronto, and often walk from Main to King to get to the GO stop.

Trying to cross both Main/Dundurn and King/Dundurn is insane. There isn't a single recommendation here that I disagree with.

In my view, the most urgent problem at present is the lack of enforcement at those streets. Even the current situation, bad as it is, would be markedly improved by traffic enforcement.

In 1996, a person very close to me was nearly killed when her car was sideswiped by a car gunning through King/Dundurn towards the 403, against a red light. The expressway conditions of King at Dundurn particularly, I think, contributed to the accident. But although the City and its Traffic Department appear value the lives and convenience of drivers many hundreds of times more than the lives and convenience of pedestrians, even the safety of drivers must take a back seat to getting to the 403 and out of Hamilton seconds faster.

Since everyone with power in Hamilton lives in Burlington, I can guess why these priorities exist.

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