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By MattM (registered) | Posted March 02, 2011 at 09:47:49

The problem however is that large volumes of traffic should not be moved along King, Main or any of the streets that cross through downtown. We have a belt of highways that surround the region along with Burlington street. Trucks should not be flying down Main, Cannon and Wilson. They never should have been.

Downtown areas of cities are never supposed to be friendly to traffic moving ACROSS the city. They are designed to direct traffic around within the downtown.

The mountain of course is different as there are few, if any, intensified urban nodes. The mountain is constructed in "destination" format where people move from A to B. A primarily being a residential area, B being a commercial/industrial area. The roads were built wide originally as you said for this reason. In the newer, more suburban areas of the mountain it is clear to see this destination format. Townhouse complexes are lumped together with big box complexes in their own area. Townhouses are A, Big Boxes are B. Office parks serve as an alternate B.

Downtown/inner city of course is composed of a mix of A and B. Sometimes A and B are literally situated within the same structure, therefore the destination format does not exist and the wide, open roads are largely un-needed.

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