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By Markwhittle (registered) - website | Posted March 27, 2007 at 06:00:01

Adrian, I was registered last year when I got my Master Business Licence from the Provincial Government.

As to Mr. Cooper, why not ask him these questions, he gets paid to lobby at city hall because that’s where he spends the bulk of his time.

Read the minutes of the meeting he attends, it’s patently obvious, that’s why we need an Integrity Commissioner.

Look Adrian if you think I'm lying why don't you just simply call the Registrar and ask him, I won't be embarrassed, but you may.

I was recently serves to sit on a Jury Panel, on the sheriff's notice it listed my occupation, Registered Lobbyist. I guess everyone is wrong about me except you.

There's nothing stopping tom Cooper from explaining himself here is there, you expected as much of me without blindly assuming Tom is not Lobbying Council.

He's not a volunteer because McQueston Legal Services pays him to do so. Why on earth do you think they do that, out of the goodness of their hearts?

Come on boy; wake up to the realities we face. Municipalities are creatures of the Province and play by their rules, including the Provincial Lobbyists Act.

Well Tom Cooper ready to come clean yet, or do you expect Adrian to do your dirty work for you trying to make me look bad instead of you, for being a paid Lobbyist, real or percieved?

HAMILTON: Get used to it.

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