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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted March 02, 2011 at 11:49:10

Stoney Creek->mcmaster - if you want to drive fast, you take QEW ->main west OR RHVP->Linc->403. Otherwise, you'd simply give yourself 5-10 extra minutes and deal with inner city traffic.

Define "beyond mcmaster". To get to aldershot area from stoney creek, one SHOULD be taking the skyway. To get to ancaster one SHOULD be taking the rhvp/linc.

Central Hamilton is still close to many options for getting "out" of the city. Burlington street is a sufficient connection as a "through" street. Burlington@Wellington is only 4.5 km from the 403. Surely being <4.5km from access to an "Easy out" is sufficient for almost any motorist. And any through traffic that chooses to drive through rather than around, can take burlington street and then "suffer" the 4.5 kms of traffic through the urban centre. In any other city, you would EXPECT to have some traffic in the urban core. In toronto, the end of the allen to the dvp or gardiner is 8-9km. Luckily they were smart enough to NOT build the allen highway all the way through the city.

Please tell me the worst that will happen if we slow down main and cannon - ideally making them two way. It will take a bit longer to drive THROUGH the city. That's it. Boo Hoo.

I'm tired of hearing excuses about why we should continue to let through traffic use Hamilton as a short cut. It's inappropriate and has been proven to damage neighbourhoods. To save 5-10 minutes from trips of drivers who live nowhere near the core, we have allowed their speeding traffic to negatively affect a great number of neighbourhoods in the lower city.

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