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By MattM (registered) | Posted March 02, 2011 at 14:11:18 in reply to Comment 60570

I've practiced some "militant pedestrianism" at Centre Mall at least a few times now.

As you said, the sidewalks barely ever meet up from one "destination" to the other. They take winding paths often to accomodate traffic flow through the parking lots.

To make matters worse, at least a few of the stores and the food court can only be accessed by crossing in front or even directly across active drive-thru lanes.

Drivers consistently make an illegal left turn into the Centre from Eastbound Barton, just about where the Shoppers Drug Mart is. The turn out is designed for exit only but the drivers still make an illegal turn into it, which requires them to actually drive around a concrete cutout designed to prevent this.

Numerous times have I been nearly run down walking from the Barton bus to the back of the property where Metro is. At least a few of those times I was angrily flipped off or yelled at as if I was jaywalking across a busy street.

Finally I should mention that for the most part, the giant sea of parking provided for these stores is completely empty. Just a giant sea of asphalt and yellow lines.

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