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By Myrcurial (registered) - website | Posted March 02, 2011 at 14:53:35

With the recent move of think|haus to very near the corner of King and Dundurn, and the desire to go and get ingredients to make our own food, most of the members are in the "I'll wait to take the 3 pedestrian crossings" but a few do the "I can run real fast across King" -- and I'm expecting that one of them is going to be hit real soon now.

It's not actually all that surprising given the glorified "green wave" engineering and the WTF that is "acceptable lane widths" -- is the city traffic department completely inept or just unaware of the laws of physics? Heck, last fall they had the half closed Main St bridge over the QEW striped as 3 lanes... none of which were wide enough to take a car comfortably, let alone the buses and trucks that use that bridge.

And it might be safer to keep me away from the topic of Centre Mall and which ones of our current crop of councillors let that bait-and-switch happen.


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