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By Markwhittle (registered) - website | Posted March 27, 2007 at 13:24:27

Thanks for clearing that up Tom, I'm glad it's ok to get paid by a third party to sit on Committees of Local Councils. I asked a legitimate question, you know that, but I was attacked, my integrity was impugned and the onus was put on me to explain my activities instead of you.

I hope you’re not mad having questions answered about what you do and get paid to do for your employers. I’m sure you have accountability and ethical policies as any other Provincial employee would have.

You have specific duties, what’s the scope and boundaries; they should be well defined since someone other than the rate-payers in Hamilton pay your salary. When Alderman Kelly was on the selection committee he ensured you were appointed to the right committee.

You know the drill, as do I. Why do you think we need an Integrity Commissioner, why do you think Toronto has an Integrity commissioner?

And unlike you, everything I do for the public is volunteer work, I’m retired and live off my extensive investments that pay me an annuity every month like clockwork, geared to inflation.

My client list is private, only paying customers need to be registered, that’s why I wanted you to clear the air, $5 million dollars is a lot of money that can’t properly be explained away unless a line by line accounting is made public, so we can judge for ourselves who did what to whom.

And my questions weren’t baseless at all, and the registrar knows me too, that’s why I have a registration number. The person I know is the director, a guy, not a girl. I’m sure there’s more than one staff given the size of the Registry; there may be a number of Registrars, male and female, but only one director.

And since you are convinced that social services are short $17 million can you please tell me what the “value-added" services cost, the ones that don't receive any funding from the Provincial government to implement.

Nobody seems willing to break out the numbers so that we can judge for ourselves whether this problem is self-induced or not. If we are a magnet for “value-added” social services funded by the Municipality, what are they Tom, you of all people should know given your extensive experience working City Hall to “enhance” social services.

And like I said to Terry Whitehead last night when we had some time to chat openly and eye to eye on the matter, if we are a magnet, why? I think a line by line accounting of the whole $17 million dollar short-fall estimate is in order, don’t you think that’s fair.

Maybe the Province saw something they didn’t like in there so they held back $5 million. It’s the only plausible reason for not buying us off for the upcoming Provincial election. Many alderman feel the same way, but have decided to put up a common front, accept for Mayor-elect Fred Eisenberger, who knows more about it than the rest of us combined.

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