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By brodiec (registered) | Posted March 06, 2011 at 12:24:06

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I've worked in the Dundurn plaza since 2004 at one place or another until two weeks ago, ironically. The meticulously documented examples are daily hazards for my co-workers who are pedestrians and transit users.

It's so bad that I've even been chased down to my workplace by aggressive drivers. Once while exiting an articulated bus I was put in a dangerous situation where a driver exiting a parking lot refused to stop occupying the curb. Instead of being bullied by a driver I took my life into my own hands and walked in the 30cm clearance between his car he refused to move and the stationary bus. I tapped his hood and continued to make eye contact.

He followed me to my workplace, threatened to me that he had the police on his loser phone and harassed me for refusing to let him endanger me in the neighbourhood I walk through every day. I called him on his lie about the police, I wish they would pick-up that quickly and wait patiently on the phone. Another Tim Hortons "drive-thru" user with an over-exaggerated sense of entitlement.

This is a bigger fight than we imagine people. We are up against the entitlement of the commuters who use this town like a paper coffee cup. Our pride and courageousness as Hamiltonians, as residents, needs to swell larger and become even more brash if we're to overcome this rule over our streets from beyond our wards and communities. Unfortunately many of our city staff and politicians answer to them first. They have that little self respect for Hamilton.

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