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By Kevcom (registered) | Posted March 08, 2011 at 23:35:00

Along with the walkability fail at the intersections of Main and Dundurn and King and Dundurn, there is also a major walkability fail along the west side of Dundurn. First of all, the sidewalk is very narrow, and southbound traffic often speeds along this stretch, coming very close to pedestrians.

Second of all, (and this irritates me immensely!), is the entrance/exit to the plaza. Are pedestrians even supposed to be there? Gee golly I don't know! There is no paint suggesting one should/can walk across the driveway. No signs reminding drivers about pedestrians. On a couple of occasions I have to wait until drivers clear the intersection or I would would have turned into a hood ornament; They only look left!

The city needs to step in and lay some paint here, and install some bright neon sights reminding drivers to look out for peds. It's so simple, but so overlooked.

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