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By ilya (registered) | Posted March 12, 2011 at 11:04:44 in reply to Comment 60509

Excellent article. There is a larger concern this brings to mind; the attitude of a traffic dept. that makes decisions based on a scoring system where decisions are made based on accidents and fatalities. When analysts do come out for traffic studies, the studies don't seem to take place during peak traffic periods. Instead, they run from 9am-3pm/4pm. There were a significant number (3)of accidents near my home near Queen and Charlton Ave. W. and I provided two councillors and traffic with video showing a near miss where I work. After 1.5 hours of jawing, I was promised another traffic study. When I stated it was important for this study to be done from 8am-7pm to ensure a proper picture, I was told this could not be guaranteed. No one has responded to this request.

The purpose of my comments are not to complain about what is and what is not being done. Simply put, Hamilton needs a new way of looking at and addressing these concerns. One that is far qicker (lives are at stake) and that has better communication with Hamiltonians.

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