Comment 61059

By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted March 17, 2011 at 11:35:00 in reply to Comment 61040

I've noticed the unsignalled crossing on James too. You can almost sense the hostility, when people are slowed down when they have an expectation of speed. If you stop at an unsignalled cross for a pedestrian in Westdale at Bond St, you don't get much grief, but if you do it at the spot where the highway ends in front of Valentino's, you might get rear ended. The worst example was York St. in front of the Central Library/Market. I've seen people honk, and rev there engines disapprovingly if someone dared to slow down and park, causing them to wait or change lanes, at great inconvenience, into one of the four other fast moving lanes;) Since that conversion, I have seen a general calm, that makes it pleasurable to walk and bike.

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