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By graham (registered) | Posted March 18, 2011 at 12:47:09

I knew Locke had made it when they installed parking meters. I can't think of a single vibrant street that has free parking on it. My only wish is that the city had installed meters that took credit cards. The machines they installed were obsolete the day they were made.

Hamilton has a love affair with free parking and I'm sure that people complain about having to pay to park on Locke. However, in speaking with a small business owner with a small shop front on Locke, she's happy with the new meters. It means that the street parking is available for her customers instead of being filled up by business owners who, frankly, should be parking elsewhere.

Great observations, Ryan, about the cross section of the street. The distances from building to sidewalk to street, the width of the sidewalks, the locations of street trees - all these things make a huge huge impact on the quality of a street for business and pedestrians. Aberdeen, for example is a perfect example of what happens when the street wall (in this case houses) are set too far back from the street.

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