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By not a robot (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2007 at 16:58:20

If people are truly a priority then mega projects like Red Hill should never be. How much better would our system be if even a fraction of what was spent on the travesty was spent on transit and social services.

As usual council budgets a best case scenerio and gets cought running on empty when the other levels of government do not cover their poor spending habits.

Back to Mr. McHattie, how can we expect anyone to support the anti-idling bylaw he is championing when he fails to support public transit, another initiative that will help our health and environment?

This should not be social services on one hand and transit in the other. We need to make room for both. If this means councillors lose some perks, or expressways take longer to finish, so be it.

People should not be forced to choose between getting to work and making a living or public assistance. and what is going to happen when the oh so brilliant council allow our bounderiues to sprawl further? How can we do that when we cannot afford what we have!

We need politicians who will stand for all that is right not pick and choose due to political expediency. Look elswhere to make cuts, not at the expense of the poor and the concientious to cater to the rich and the lazy.

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