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By Ugh (anonymous) | Posted March 19, 2011 at 19:55:41

How many times has the writer almost been hit by a car? But of course it's always the car's fault. If you're risking your life to save a few minutes then you're an idiot. I'm a pedestrian too, but I've never almost been hit by a car. I'm also a driver sometimes, and I can honestly say there are just as many annoying pedestrians as there are annoying drivers. Every time I see a pedestrian standing at the EDGE of the sidewalk waiting to cross I cringe a little. Is standing on the edge of a sidewalk next to two tonnes of steel racing by at 50kmph really a good idea?

Anyway, my point is this: how many cars vs pedestrians use those intersections? As someone who used to live (and walk) around there I can assure you that I rarely passed by many pedestrians. However, there are NUMEROUS cars that use those intersections all day and night. So we're supposed to spend a bunch of money re-doing those intersections to save a handful of pedestrians a couple minutes when they go to Fortinos? And as far as improving safety goes, how are you supposed to make it 100% safe for idiots to cross the street? It's called stop, look, and don't cross until the road is clear; is that so hard?

Honestly, this website should be called Annoying Hamiltonians Who Just Want To Find Things To Complain About.

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