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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted March 20, 2011 at 09:49:04 in reply to Comment 61204

Anyway, my point is this: how many cars vs pedestrians use those intersections? ... I can assure you that I rarely passed by many pedestrians

Well, that's also my point. The intersection is designed for the convenience of motorists and to the great inconvenience of anyone else. It's no wonder you don't see many pedestrians.

One might once have questioned the rationale behind putting that walkway along the waterfront between Princess Point and Pier 4: after all, almost nobody went there, did they? What a waste of money.

Now granted, at that intersection - at most intersections - there will always be more people passing by in cars than otherwise. But that doesn't mean that only the needs of motorists need to be taken into account. Remember: people live near and around there - this is a neighbourhood. A place which caters only to cars is called either a highway or a parking lot. And you can't really live in those places.

Does traffic travel at 70 kmph with little impediment in your neighbourhood? Would you wish it to? It doesn't move that way where I live because we have narrow roads and lots of stop signs ... and I should note that my house backs onto the very same King St West, so there are more motorists than pedestrians.

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