Comment 6130

By A Robot (anonymous) | Posted March 29, 2007 at 00:12:59

It's nice to see a balanced view of this situation. I can support McHattie's view more than those of the knee-jerkers. If anything we can now make sure he delivers on the system improvements this fare increase is meant to provide.

James, gas stations themselves are the wrong target. Additional municipal taxes would not reduce either fuel consumption or the number of cars on the road, and only squeeze the little guys out of the market leaving the big nasty energy companies unscathed. A real progressive government* would give per-litre gas taxes a significant boost. Their new plan to add a few thousand to the price of a $70,000 H2, while only rewarding the brave few hybrid buyers is silly.

*Remember the PCs? Sad to see what they've become, not that I think they would have made such a decision.

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