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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted March 22, 2011 at 14:21:11 in reply to Comment 61325

While there are many great streets that obviously are more cherised than the 50 or so votes they have obtained, this competition obviously hasn't gotten the national exposre needed to truly have a competition of Canadian Communities.

This is however the first ever competition by this group and should Hamilton win this, the exposure either way is a good thing for our city. Our mayor will be handed a plaque presented by the CIP, which will reside somewhere along Ottawa Street.

Would we have won if Toronto had really gotten wind of this? Certainly Greek Town would have been up in the millions in votes. Same thing could be said for many other historic streets, neighborhoods, and communities across this nation.

As Canadians we love hockey which means we also love healthy compettion. Canadians love to sell their country.

What I do think is amazing, is that this competition started in November and Ottawa Street in particular was only nominated a few weeks ago. We passed all the leaders in that timeframe and are now sitting at number one in votes. Main Street in Summerland BC was already at over a 1,000 votes I believe, when Ottawa Street was just starting out.

I think that community might have went all gung-ho in the early goings and reazlied there wasn't much competition and all but forgot to check back. I wouldn't count them out yet - or any other place including the two other leading streets in our community.

From these past few weeks, I would like to think that Ottawa Street has a lot of support from the residents and shopppers and given 4 months to vote, we would have still been up there with the best.

So I do see your point, but I believe the dynamics would have just driven this to an entirely different level.

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