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By Rudy Tuesday (anonymous) | Posted March 22, 2011 at 14:33:29 in reply to Comment 61352

Was never suggesting that road speeds on Aberdeen shouldn't be reduced, just addressing the setbacks, which are artifacts of an era when those were seats sof privilege. (I have no idea what the horse 'n' buggy speeds were back in the day.) I'm unconvinced that siting those huge homes within spitting distance of the sidewalk would yield any measurable benefit to the pedestrian experience or livability issues. If nothing else, you'd have a far harder time gauging when someone was about to pull out of their driveway.

Maybe also worth noting that two of the three sainted neighbourhoods have achieved momentum through a variety of factors (common factors include a shift in real estate demographics and the stewardship of a BIA, a Merchant's Association, or both). As Jason notes regarding the Centre Mall development, correlation is not causation.

Also worth noting that the livability formula does thin out even within these districts – both Locke South and James North are bit of a dog's breakfast north of the rail tracks.

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