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By Marlene (registered) | Posted March 29, 2007 at 11:37:18


How do you figure that the poor won't qualify for the transit tax break?

I think being able to claim the price of a transit pass on my income tax is a perk to riding transit. I buy the pass for either $65 or $70 - I get a receipt and I submit the passes and the receipts together when I do my income tax. That amount is deducted from whatever other "high" income I have. I consider myself poor since I'm on disability pension and able to pay for the transit because ODSP covers most of it.

The only thing poorer than ODSP is Ontario Works or being downright homeless and sleeping on sidewalk grates. The latter rarely takes the bus because they have no income and OW also covers bus passes or bus tickets.

I'm not sure how you figure that the poor doesn't qualify for a tax break. I think that's some political party's rhetoric that has no factual basis. Have you done your income taxes yet and tried to use the reduction?

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