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By canbyte (registered) | Posted March 25, 2011 at 13:31:49

Jason - Since I'm not a doctor, I have no problem dropping the Down's thing, but I'm wondering if the many doctors who believe in fluoridation would dispute all the other problems too. Hmm. Maybe I can ask you this - if you were to plan for another child, would your family be drinking/ using fluoridated water? Do you drink it now?

Ryan's links deserve more study than the quick scan I gave them, especially Dr Mitchel's. May take a few days with a fine tooth comb. My first quick reaction is that I believe the mistake most are making is to analyze averages instead of the margins per #2 above. Since I live at the margins, being susceptible to osteoporosis (family history), my main concern is that while the fluoride medicine may be ok for most, it will probably exacerbate my problem. Far better to have a few cavities than risk my bones. Arienc answers this aspect.

Gullchasedship makes the same point as Dr Ryding, mentioned in my blog (4th para after subtitle Basics). I've come to believe that city/ country comparisons and anecdotal evidence are unreliable - too many other variables affect the situation. Further, I've also come to believe that financial incentives, just like in other scientific areas, bias results. Huge financial incentives operate in this area, so at best, I believe honest studies show little or no difference either way.

Part of the problem is in order to placate opponents, fluoride levels are being lowered. Ryan's post in 2008 mentioned 4 ppm max, 1ppm average, Hamilton was at .7ppm and I believe reduced it even further fairly recently - .6ppm? Everywhere, cities are reducing concentrations because of the fluorosis problem, said by some to be an epidemic. Dr Limeback (formerly a supporter) said that more of his income is treating fluorosis than treating cavities. Does not this money also talk? Many people dismiss the money angle as conspiracy - I say it's business. Caveat Emptor.

Anyway, the reductions in concentration muddle the argument, especially given that fluoride is naturally occurring (.15 - .2ppm in L Ontario). At some point, one loses the ability to say anything at all, evidence wise. But that works both ways - if it isn't doing any harm (except at the margins), then it probably isn't doing much good either, so why don't we just save the money and drop it? Brush your teeth instead. That's precisely where I've come to believe that money incentives operate to keep fluoridation going. If you were the marketing manager or salesman for KC Industries, what would you be telling all your customers?

Nyscof makes good points, even as I shudder at the daunting work ahead. My own kids are certainly resisting the message - the brainwashing in school (and habit) is powerful indeed - on all subjects, and not just by the teachers! Even for myself, given that tea packs far more fluoride than tap water, I'm not looking forward to the summer heat when home made, unsweetened tea, sitting in the fridge has been my/our absolute favorite for years. Cold coffee anyone??

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