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By David (anonymous) | Posted March 31, 2007 at 11:55:45

In Pat Buchanan's "The AIPAC Girl" commentary of 3/20, he spoke of Pelosi getting booed at an anti-war talk to AIPAC. She had previously beat the drum that Bush would not be able to start any more wars without Congressional approval. But after this AIPAC incident, she went back and immediately removed any provision in the upcoming funding bill for Bush to seek Congressional approval - what an incredible turn, and it begs asking what she might have been told to change her mind. Or was it just to save her political career?

Your piece Ryan brings up an interesting paradox which I believe is solved when you "follow the money". Why does AIPAC lobby for something not good for Israel? I think an examination of the nationality of the head of the World Bank and other big bankers makes it clear. Greg Palast's work in "Armed Madhouse" points to the shutoff of Iraq oil as a major "mission accomplished" for the purpose of raising oil's price to return triple the Petrodollars back to the USA and keep the Dollar afloat. And with Iran being among several countries recently which quit trading anything in USD, including their oil, it is their threats to Dollar hegemony which will propel the US into Iran now, with the nuclear program there being only the excuse. I also anticipate some "accidental" strikes on Iran's oil production, with the Iraq oil then turned on to balance the flow - leaving the US even more in control of keeping the oil prices high.

The goal of high oil prices was supported also by Palast's visit with Hugo Chavez, who offerred to sell US oil at $50 when it was otherwise $75, but carried the provision that profits would not be returned to the Feds. He wanted the profits to stay in Venezuela, which is why Bush was not down there courting his generosity - it's the dollar support from high prices that matters. That, and not circumventing the Petrodollar recycling.

So in short, I think the Iraq war and the coming Iran invasion are bankers wars, which may be your answer why AIPAC is pushing these along.

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