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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted March 31, 2011 at 13:52:23

Thanks very much, Trevor. I agree with you regarding FB. It does have it's redeeming qualities such as catching up with old school mates or networking in general and keeping up to date with what's going on in our cities, but there are certainly many negatives and I am not sure which side of the coin FB falls as to whether it should be dropped as a 'tool', or adjusted in how we use it?

I certainly need my family and my friends. I may not see them for awhile but I know they are always there and hopefully they know I will be there too.

I find in this space or similar type spaces, we aren't so broken. We are free here. We encourage one another here. This place takes out the superficiality and triviality you refer to. For the most part we are only names and words and sometimes not even names but we get to know one another fairly well from our posts, articles, and the way we interact in this space in general. Of course there are bad seeds, but I'd like to think good, positive, things happen here. Change happens here. Dreams come true. People find themsevles - their voice.

Anyone ever check out Sellaband?. It's a great, positive space too. I have met some amazing artists and befriend other believers on that site. If you are a musician looking for a way in, or a music lover looking for something different, check it out. People are litteraly on there to help one another's dreams come true. I think that is pretty amazing. Most of my music collection these days are Indie artists from around the world.

I think there is hope for all of us. I have to. The day I stop believing, I might as well be dead.

I have bad days too. Really bad. The kind you wonder what you are doing it all for, but there is always something that gets me out of the funk eventually. It's different depending on the mood, but sometimes that place I gain new insight into the world is right here. My kids, a walk with the dog, jam night with my band, writing, great conversation ... are all up there too.

Personally, I think the key to being 'unbroken', is to find spaces and places and people that make us feel whole. Surround ourselves with these souls. Sometimes those souls don't need us, or we don't need them, but the energy passed when those two souls share the same space creates moments that make us feel good. We need to document when we are happy and make a point to be in those situations that make us feel this way as often as we can.

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