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By reidvinette (registered) | Posted June 18, 2006 at 19:07:44

June 18, 2006

The only way to disprove a theory is to try it. I have down loaded Stanley Meyers patents for the water fracture technology and have obtained the circuit layouts and description for Nichola Tesla's electric car. For fun I'll work on bringing this technology to life. I'll keep you informed of my progress. There is nothing to loose and everything to be gained.

In my opinion, if someone wanted to cover up the technology, they would almost certainly discredit as a hoax. Who would investigate a technology labeled as a hoax?

There is a fun video from PBS called Einsteins Big Idea, available on In this story there is a woman who discovers the true equation for kinetic energy. E = 1/2 * m * v(squared)

After the discovery was made it took 100 years for the experts of the day to accept that v=velocity needed to be squared.

I'm not saying your wrong, I just want to check out the claims for myself. fun father and son projects so to speak.

Many other inventions have been shelved for new car engines because of either government or oil company interferance.

On that note there has been a recent invention in Russia called the Star Light battery. Nicola Tesla discovered a vast sea of energy surronding the earth and found a way to tap it. The Star light battery takes advantage of that energy. I'll bet you anything the new star light battery is either proved a hoax or it disappears.

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