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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted April 11, 2011 at 15:43:53

Just so we can put to rest the idea of these so called "superhighways" that so many of RTHers seem to think plague Hamilton, I've summarized the number of lanes along the rest of King (East of Locke)

Ryan makes note that King West of Locke is "four lanes all westbound increasing just past Locke to five, synchronized lights, no curbside parking, no visual distractions".

For balance, please note that East of Locke, King accomodates 2-3 lanes of traffic all westbound, synchronized lights, lots of curbside parking, and lots of visual distractions.

King Street: Wentworth to Wellington (850m) is 4 lanes with on street parking on both sides for most of it (making it, effectively, 2 lanes of traffic)

Wellington to Catherine (500m) is 2 lanes with bump outs for on street parking on both sides for most it

Catherine to Queen (1km) varies between 3 and 4 lanes of traffic, and varies between no, to double sided on street parking. Best estimate/guess is an average of 3 lanes of traffic with 1 sided on street parking.

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