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By adrian (registered) | Posted April 04, 2007 at 08:42:58

There's no doubt that these stretches of highway running through the core are a major problem. But it's incredible how many people you'll find roaring down my little single lane one-way street, punching it to 60 between stop signs on a two block (small blocks!) stretch of road. I'm turning into that old dude that gesticulates wildly at speeders in the neighbourhood. It drives me nuts.

Oddly enough, it's kind of Main Street that is to blame once again. I live on Jackson, which is the first street south of Main. It runs the opposite way to Main, so I think that all the drivers who want to travel west but can't because Main is one-way, take roads like Jackson instead. Because they are trying to get someplace else - maybe someplace far away - they want to get through Jackson as fast as possible.

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