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By rscheffler (anonymous) | Posted April 13, 2011 at 01:06:25

Good article.

A couple things:

Back about 15 or so years ago, a friend of mine was hit by a car mounting the curb on Main just west of Dundurn. She was pretty messed up for a while and it was a life altering event for her.

I drive through there often, and at times also on foot. As a driver, one knows that the advance turn signals on Dundurn onto both Main and King are very short. This gnaws at drivers and encourages aggressive driving. Extend the turn signal duration so more can get through and maybe it will eventually change some driver habits at that intersection. However, the ripple effect is it will mess up the synchronized green lights the city likes so much. Nor will it address the speed and volume of traffic along there.

While I was opposed to the idea in the past, converting both Main and King to two-way traffic with more controlled intersections between Dundurn and downtown for safe pedestrian crossing is probably the way to go. Maybe it will happen if the LRT ever materializes.

To the person above who suggested overpasses - it's exactly what I thought of for King and Dundurn. Build it diagonally from the NE corner to the SE corner. If there is an intersection in the city that could use one, it's this one.

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