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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted April 04, 2007 at 10:19:30

Here is the second-to-worst part (the worst part of course being the loss of life)... Whenever this happens the coverage is something along the lines of this (quote from the spec): "The rise in fatalities has Hamilton police concerned pedestrians are not using controlled intersections to cross streets."

It is just me, or is it much more unreasonable to ask that pedestrians use their own muscles to go a block out of their way (and back) in order to cross at a light instead of asking motorists to yield to pedestrians? We have a serious problem of "motorist rule" in this hemisphere, and our city seems to be the poster child for it.

I also notice that even the smaller streets here become highways, because people are used to driving like maniacs everywhere in this city.

We need shared spaces downtown ( and calming measures EVERYWHERE (

There are some side streets where the city has slapped a bunch of stop signs down in order to "calm" the traffic, but this just creates a false sense of security -- security which gets breached with every rolling stop performed by a motorist. Not to mention the drag-race mentality between stop signs and the excruciating slowing-effect on cyclists ( -- PDF link).

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