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By jason (registered) | Posted April 14, 2011 at 16:45:24

The report should be online tomorrow and I encourage everyone to read it, and email your councillor.
There are a ton of juicy nuggets in that report that will leave you slapping your forehead. One of my favourites is the statement that there is curbside parking on the northside of Main and side streets north of Main, but it's too dangerous for people to cross Main St from those parking spaces to access this building.

So instead of fixing a dangerous, business-killing freeway through the heart of a commercial/residential neighbourhood (oddly enough, supported by the Chamber of (no)Commerce), we will not allow any new development.
Great solution.

That's just one of many mind numbing aspects of this report that help shed light on why folks who try to open small businesses or urban businesses in this city (Bread Bar, Mulberry St etc...) feel like hanging themselves after wading through the Red (tape) Sea.

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