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By Dundasian (anonymous) | Posted April 15, 2011 at 21:29:28

Not so long ago in Dundas, the crosswalk lines at King & Olgivie were fading - so the "New City Of Hamilton" was asked by local residents to re-spray them - the city refused as it would make them liable for accidents (or some such excuse) The previous Town Of Dundas was run on common sense not fear it seems

When a local threatened to take a can of white paint and do it, the city spent a small fortune on a traffic study and concluded the only way to fix this problem was with traffic lights - so 1/4 million later in studies and construction and upkeep costs later one may find themselves at a red light on a Sunday night waiting and idling for nothing.

You might argue that it is now safer and easier for pedstrians to cross but people cross the street between shops at many different places and either wait for cars to pass or cars see pedestrians and stop. quite civilized and quite safe.

Tickets for jaywalking will be like parking tickets - a form of income and mild deterrence but mostly income...


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