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By Absolutely disgusting (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2011 at 12:24:36

Great work Matt, too bad, the system is none functioning and the toxic waste remains.

I would like all of you to remember this: Kimberly Rogers died, under House arrest, while she was 8 months pregnant, because she had accepted OSAP and welfare, before the Harris regime came to power and changed the rules.

I have to wonder what are my fellow citizens think about all this, that a mother and baby can die, yet the worst offenders whose neglience affects the health and well being of so many others, get off scott free.

But of course the poor and defenseless have been criminalized in Main Stream media, however, I cannot say that main stream media does the same for those who pollute our environment and then threaten law suits.

throw them (the polluters) behind bars!

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