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By Zozo (registered) | Posted April 18, 2011 at 12:56:37

Here is a crazy idea, instead of pouring money into bureaucratic organizations, that seem too bogged down with baggage to fix these problems, we start investing in engaging citizens to solve these problems. If the big issues like this are not worth the time of our various forms of government, maybe we need to 'take' these problems off their hands.

What would be needed to assess these sites? Who would need to be involved? What actions would be required? Lets make a plan!

Matt, your absolutely right, we need real leadership on these issues, and IMO most of our politicians specialize more in management than leadership. Managers only 'manage' the system. Leaders engage, empower and lead those around them to achieve goals. Maybe we have become too complacent in what we expect of those we empower to run our city, province, country. Perhaps over time it has become easier to abdicate our voice and power to those we put in civic authority, not expecting any real results as log as the status quo is maintained.

The only answer I can see is for our citizenry to become more engaged and begin a shift in a civic behaviour that allows community leaders to solve these problems.

Let city hall make sure buses run on time, and give our citizen leaders what they need to make things happen!

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