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By bob lee (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2011 at 14:52:19

let's simplify this story.

The Green Party got their papers to Winn on Friday for a Monday deadline, is that right? There were a number of errors: wrong date on auditor form 2, wrong auditor form listed on nomination form, and the wrong recipient on the money order

Your argument is that Winn at this point did not meet either 1. the mission statement principles, or 2. the 'nature of the work' description?

It sounds to be like Winn vetted the documents immediately, telling Burson and friend what was wrong and redress the errors. They then got new documents together, but we don't know at what point these were ready. Then they 'waited and waited'... until Monday afternoon.

Try reading the mission statement and 'interpretation' guideline from Winn's point of view. Accountability to the Canadian people? Stewardship? You achieve that by going through your procedures promptly and thoroughly. We don't have a single piece of evidence yet to indicate Winn did not so do.

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