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By mark (registered) | Posted April 05, 2007 at 09:58:15

CHML once again describes the latest killed pedestrian with the usual 'speed, alcohol, weather not a factor'. Then what was? The item goes on to describe the accident as occurring when the pedestrian crossed at an intersection without a traffic light and crosswalk. Why is the pedestrian always inferred as the cause of his/her own demise? This city is terribly lacking in pedestrian crosswalks, all in the name of fast-moving traffic. If anyone is at fault where 'speed, alcohol and weather' is not a factor, then the traffic planning department should be held accountable.

We need to become activist in a push to have more marked crossings for pedestrians. Furthermore, the whole synchronized traffic light system needs to be rethought as it lends to the perception that, once you get yourself timed right, Main, King, Cannon, Wilson and York are inner-city highways. The case for removing one-way roads, reducing speed limits, and eliminating traffic light synchronization have all been made here.

The idea of speed bumps on secondary streets is a good one, but is likely to meet resistence from the usual suspects. I was thinking of how these could be incorporated into our streets, and came up with what I think is a neat idea. How about planting a speed bump at every intersection with a stop sign? I'm tired of people ignoring stop signs, or others who think a simple slowdown to 20km/h is enough of a stop. They could be painted red with reflective white 'STOP' stencilled on them.

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