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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted April 21, 2011 at 09:19:15

Would you force the private parking lots to set there rates at the same level? So that they have a 15% vacancy rate or does free the market continue to provide parking rates? Over the last months there have been many articles on this site that lament the excess of parking downtown. Now you wish to raise the price of this "scarce" commodity. Last time I went to a Bulldogs game it cost me $7.00 to park and my car was there for over 3 hours. That works out to just about $2.00 an hour. There was not an empty street meter spot anywhere I am sure but so what?

I personally would love to see the parking rates downtown go sky high. Since there is very little that anyone has to go downtown to get instead of a mall or power center more people would stop going downtown and simply go elsewhere to get the goods and services that they need. This would make the whole process of getting around in the city so much easier for those of us who already only go downtown occasionally (and would go there far less). What can I not get elsewhere that I need to go downtown for? Couple of government offices, Copp's Coliseum and probably a few other things that do not come to mind at the moment but I am sure they exist. All the rest is replaceable by going elsewhere already.

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