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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted April 21, 2011 at 09:49:50 in reply to Comment 62348

All rules make building more complicated and expensive than it needs to be. Where do you propose to set the line? Are wiring codes ok or do we reduce/eliminate them to? How about those pesky minimums on rebar in concrete? I wager you want to remove the restrictions that you believe are not necessary, essentially you want to make the decisions for all of us because you know better. Parking is about more than having enough spots for the inhabitants. Since the building will be geared to seniors many will have physical limitations to walking a long distance to their cars so available spots will be gone in a flash. Most seniors do not work so leaving in the morning and arriving in the early evening is not a regular part of their routine. They will probably be able to find some kind of acceptable parking solution and learn that their car simply needs to be parked by the time the masses return from work. What about the present residents? How much of an inconvenience will this be for them? That is why we have a lot of the rules we do, for the benefit of others. There are hundreds of buildings in Hamilton that have managed to meet the parking requirements set out in the bylaws or at least the limits actually imposed by city hall. What makes this project unable or unwilling to comply? I suspect the answer is that the developer can make more money with out the additional parking spots. If there were a real reason I am confident that would be included in the article and the in the developers lament. The price of the units will not climb much with the added spots making the per unit profit lower and in my mine that simply is not a good enough reason to change or bend the rules.

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