Comment 6271

By Frank (registered) | Posted April 06, 2007 at 12:27:20

Just to reiterate what people have said here, I think the best way to help peds is changing the roadways. I notice it everytime on the highway. Whenever there's a construction zone and the lane is blocked by jersey barriers, people ALWAYS slow down. I say lets make the lanewidths less. I'm not sure what they are but let's make them MINIMUM, not maximum. Take one of the gigantic lanes and the parking lane and make it into a diagonal parking lane with chicanes and a nice wide sidewalk with trees. Then on the other side put some nice bus bays and a wider sidewalk and we're set. Sometimes I think traffic engineers get to caught up in numbers rather than the spirit of the things they're designing. Some new, young blood in the traffic dept would definately help.... I volunteer! lol

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