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By jason (registered) | Posted April 06, 2007 at 15:38:48

you're right - electric trolley's would be cheaper, at least up front. Jump ahead 25 years and at least two full replacement purchases later for buses compared with the 25-year lifespan of streetcars, as well as the operating costs and the total cost ends up coming out pretty close. the biggest difference is the fact that very little, if any, private investment will flow along a bus line. Streetcar/LRT lines are magnets for private investment. And Hamilton really needs that.

I wouldn't say that getting people from the mountain to downtown is the HSR's biggest problem. Having 7 or 8 full buses pass by passengers on the lower city east/west corridor is a much bigger problem. Plus, it's not the HSR's fault that council has allowed the Moutain, especially south of Mohawk to develop in such a poor manner. That's the real problem. the HSR could develop some BRT lines from the Meadowlands, Upper James, Limeridge and Upper Stoney Creek into the lower city but short of spending billions to line every major road on the Mountain with BRT lanes and vehicles it'll never be as convenient to use transit there. The same way it'll never be as convenient for someone living in Markham or Etobicoke compared with someone in downtown Toronto.

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