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By Chad (anonymous) | Posted April 07, 2007 at 15:49:29

Great article and provides some perspective on the 'silver bullet' or 'instant fix' mentality which is endemic in our North American society.

I believe some increase in the cost of gasoline is needed and the right thing to do. That increase however needs at least 2 preconditions:
1- make the price sufficiently high (say $2 per litre)to provide extra revenue beyond today's net resource allocation to transportation;
2- Take the extra revenue and apply it to a comprehensive transporation solution where local and inter-city transit can be provided and at cost (and service level) below that of driving a car for the same purpose;

In this way all transporation needs can be addressed by optimum application of resources to result in the most effective (economic and environmental) movement of people and goods.
This also would capture the policy-planning-tax allocation for airports and air travel, train travel, and freight transport.

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