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By jason (registered) | Posted April 10, 2007 at 10:48:26

Andy and Sean bring up a great point that has always irked me about this industry. Think about it - do insurance companies want us to drive less, or worse yet, get rid of our cars altogether?? Would an insurance company want to see sprawl reduced or continue on into the sunset??
they cite 'crime stats' or high accident rates as the reasons for downtown residents paying more, yet downtown residents drive far less than folks in the suburbs. It's just one more example of how slanted our entire economic system towards sprawl and bad planning. Infill apartments that add vitality and life to an urban street with residents more likely to walk or use transit do absolutely nothing for an insurance company that depends on sprawl and car-addicted growth to keep gaining new customers. Also, the same is true on house insurance. I live in the York/Strathcona house insurance went up after the Locke south watermain fiasco and I was told it's because I live in 'that area'. Other people I know moving from Concession area to Corktown were told their insurance would go up. It has nothing to do with crime (which is virtually non-existent in Hamilton and pretty much the same everywhere) and everything to do with the addiction to sprawl that permeates the development/car/oil industry as well as the insurance industry.

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