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By bentoverbythehammer (anonymous) | Posted May 15, 2011 at 22:16:37

Well i got a ticket for off a truck route on king street in a tow truck after making a delivery on king street. Thanks a lot to the city of hamilton for not posting the stupidly low weight limit on the sign. I guess it only makes sense to take advantage of an out of towner, afterall where else would you get the money to build the redhell expway and equip all city vehicles with pontoons and paddles so they can drive on it. I know all trucks are driven by smokey and the bandit and would rather run cars over then pass them, so i guess thats why the public feels that trucks are unsafe, also trucks are so hard to see because they are so small. get your heads out of your asses. i would rather drive in vietnam then your city. trucks are driven by professionals who make crap wages and constantly have to compansate for your crap driving to avoid killing you. and p.s. hamilton is kinda like torontos helmeted little brother :)

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