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By Penelope (registered) | Posted May 23, 2011 at 01:40:07

Very interesting, and though provoking. You definitely are like me, looking deep into the problems that this will cause. I came to a possible conclusion of how the outcome will be. I think before cities completly collapse, you’ll see martial law, and the new executive orders that Bush signed into law being used – giving the govt. complete control over all resources, human, energy, transportation, housing, munipalities, etc. You’ll see a police city-state, crowd busters. It could get bad. Fusion won’t save us. All we have is what is currently available … and unfortunately a few solar panels, wind turbines and other technology probably can’t be scaled up quickly enough to make much impact. But now still people have to take payday loans online in order to pay on gas bills and save the warm in their houses.

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