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By Dickie Schnadams (anonymous) | Posted May 23, 2011 at 11:08:15 in reply to Comment 63892

Really!? REALLY!? A mountain of a (very small) molehill!? This is just ONE example of council and/or mayor 'pissin' away tax dollars... $15, 000 this time, plus the $10, 000 the Mayor gave to United Way, plus who knows what that we don't know about! "The city wastes a lot more than the $15,000 that was awarded..."

"The small size of the award is a hint that although the judge found the councilor guilty he did not thing it was that big a deal. Especially since claim was for $7000,000." These statements tell me that Mr. Meister, (A)doesn't spell check, (B) doesn't know how to express big number properly - is that 7 million? (7,000,000 7 000,000 or 7 000 000 are all options that would have been a little bit more clear), and (C) Everyone seems to be acting like babies!

That kind of language is not professional, I don't care what profession you are in! So, I am questioning the judgement of council, who "decided the defamatory email was sent in good faith while fulfilling his duties as councillor, even though the judge in the case explicitly rejected that notion." -- And, I am wondering why the council and/or mayor and Giant Companies such as Hydro, can BREAK THE LAW and get the taxpayers to cover the costs; the same taxpayers who cannot afford to visit the dentist or buy new contacts because they do not have benefits; the same taxpayers who MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY TO RECEIVE HST REBATES, who, in fact, HAVE TO PAY THE GOVERNMENT MORE MONEY; the same taxpayers who cannot afford to buy food that makes them healthy because the cost of living keeps going up, but paychecks stay the same, BUT, heck, let's pay the Councilman's debts!

For people who are supposed to care about their city's residents, they sure do a crappy job convincing us that this is the case!

As for, "Who even cares?"... I think that is the wrong question... the question that should be asked is, "Who even knows?" Well, I'm going to do more to promote sites, such as Raise the Hammer, so that people in this city are more informed... Though I have to say, I am much happier not knowing about the silliness that goes on... Ignorance REALLY IS bliss, unfortunately, it is an invitation to keep the Status Quo.

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