Comment 63904

By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted May 23, 2011 at 17:43:56 in reply to Comment 63897

WOW what a rant. You went on about how I expressed Seven Million Dollars but you knew exactly what I meant, so I was pretty clear about what I meant. Unless of course you feel that you are the only one capable of figuring out that $7000,000 is really $7,000,000 and everybody else on this site is an idiot and needed you to translate it for them. Is that your big objection that I forgot a coma? Spell check? I did not know there was a spell check on this site. How do I access it? Or do I need to write it in Word and then transfer it to RTH. You have some serious issues and the Fifteen Thousand Dollar award and the missing coma are the least of your problems. What language are you referring to when you say it is not professional? Do you mean the language that insists on randomly using uppercase letters and words because he feels others could not possibly get the meaning if he just wrote in a normal fashion or are you referring to the guy who happened to leave out a coma?

You are absolutely wrong when you say everyone is acting like a baby however, one of us is acting very childish and that would be you.

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