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By ? (anonymous) | Posted April 17, 2007 at 03:04:26

Long after racism, sexism, & other forms of discrimination disappear, economic discrimination will continue. Already it's one of the few irrational 'isms' that seems to be growing in favour, not deminishing. It's not only accepted, it continues with many to be seen as rational behaviour. (How could it not be with the culture we live in?)

If we want to save out planet & our future, we must lower our expectations to some degree. Now try to convince people that bigger isn't always better, & that the mass consumer society is killing us.

It's almost human nature (maybe sub-human nature?) to want somebody to dump on. Most of the options available before are now politically incorrect, so the poor are one of the last legitiamte targets for blame & disapproval. We can no longer assign blame for a person's colour, race, creed, or gender, but by God we can blame them for being poor or at least less visably affluent.

(A news story was covering the opening of a homeless shelter in the Theatre District of Toronto. Most local residents interviewed didn't seem to have a problem with it, but the 'Uptown Visitors' didn't seem to think the homeless would 'fit in'..? This in spite of the fact that the homeless Live There, & the weekend tourists don't. In fact most of the night trippers go there to do things that they would never dare to do in their own neighbourhoods. They just wouldn't 'fit in'.)

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