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By W.Entworth (registered) | Posted May 27, 2011 at 11:05:31

The pdf version of the inventory at explains some of the criteria used: "The new City inventory comprises all those heritage features previously identified and documented by the former municipalities that now comprise the City of Hamilton as follows: • Town of Ancaster (Untitled collection of research reports prepared for the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, 1976-1985), • Town of Dundas (Inventory of Buildings of Architectural and Historical Significance in Dundas, January 1996), • Town of Flamborough (Flamborough LACAC Building Survey, 1982 and LocaI Architectual Conservation Advisory Committee, 1991, Historic Building Survey of The Town of Flamborough), • Township of Glanbrook (Comprehensive Historical Inventory, September, 1984), • City of Hamilton (Inventory of Buildings of Architectural and Historical Interest, December 2000 and Inventory of Cultural Heritage Landscapes, March 1999) and • the City of Stoney Creek (Potential Sites of Historical and/or Architectural Value, May 2000). There will be additions to the inventory as survey work continues over the coming years. The inventory is not to be considered as a flxed or complete list. It will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis in order to include additional heritage features and to document or note any features that may have been destroyed."

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