Comment 645

By Bill D. (anonymous) | Posted July 04, 2006 at 07:10:32

Absolutely spot on about Gore Park. The actual buildings in the urban space would also be suitable for a great variety of professional and offices re-uses, restaurants, up market stores and so forth. One could even imagine a re-vitalized core as a suitable place -a prestige address - for head offices. The Brooklyn analogy is apt in one way. It demonstrates the importance of what people collectively think 'Its a dump' v.s. 'We must move there'; but it places Hamilton in a Toronto context (Manhattan v.s. Brookyn as boroughs) rather than as a 'different place'-it is 40 miles away through sprawl - reproducing the willful mis-naming found in the provincial planning concept of the Toronto Centred Region circa 1970. What we really need is a small CBC studio in Hamilton (like the ones in ALL the other major Canadian cities, so Hamiltonians can talk to EACH OTHER about this, and then politicians would be better informed). B.

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