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By Nord Blanc (anonymous) | Posted June 07, 2011 at 10:46:19

Charlton is one lane each way from Wellington to Catharine, taking on an extra westbound lane as it approaches the John South intersection. Those two lanes continue through to Hughson, though it’s practically one because of curbside parking. At Hughson, Charlton widens to three lanes in advance of the James South intersection, in order to allow for smooth traffic flow in to the north, south and west. There may only ever be a certain amount of potential for traffic calming on this stretch because of the proximity to the escarpment – John/Charlton is 180m from the Arkledun elbow and the turning lane comes up faster than that, which may increase the perceived value in having traffic exit the northbound lanes of John rather than backing up the Jolley Cut.

And then there's the basic problem: Having a hospital wedged between two busy mountain accesses means that there will almost inevitably be design issues.

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